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Contacts at the Travel Expenses Office

Your contacts at the travel expenses office are available from Monday to Friday in the morning. The central fax number is 0761/203-8858.

Name Telephone Email
Glockner, Jennifer 0761/203-8838 jennifer.glockner@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Peuker, Alexandra 0761/203-8841 alexandra.peuker@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Schweizer, Regina 0761/203-4306 regina.schweizer@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Zürn, Melanie 0761/203-8840 melanie.zuern@zv.uni-freiburg.de


General questions and information on receiving approval for business trips:

Name Telephone Email
Kulse, Ulrike 0761/203-4326 ulrike.kulse@zv.uni-freiburg.de
Rich, Katharina 0761/203-4341 katharina.rich@zv.uni-freiburg.de


last modified Jan 22, 2021
Forms [de/en]
  • P 61(e) - Costumer master data
  • P 62(e) - Order form train ticket
  • P 62a(e) - Order form flight ticket
  • P 62b - Bestellung BahnCard Business
  • P 80(e) - Application for approval of a business trip
  • P 875 - Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • P 63 - Bestellschein
  • P 64 - Reisebeihilfe
  • P 65 - ohne Kostenerstattung


Only the German versions of the forms are legally binding.

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