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Approval of a Business Trip

Please apply for authorization of a business trip using Form P 80. To do so, fill in the first page and have your supervisor sign it. A business trip will only be approved if sufficient funding is available (from your department or an external source). Every business trip must be given a trip number. Trip numbers are issued by the Travel Expenses Office. In addition, every business trip must have a fixed budget. For this reason, it is necessary to estimate the costs of each business trip beforehand. The cost estimate should be very generous to avoid later recalculations.

Authorization of business travel is as follows:

The Central University Administration is responsible for authorizing business trips that are

  • paid for by the university
  • paid for by your department
  • for travel outside of Europe


  • Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources (field trips to the countryside, etc.)
    • Institute of Forest Sciences
    • Chair of Silviculture
    • Chair of Forest Growth
    • Chair of Forest Utilization
    • Chair of Forest Operations
    • Chair of Forest Botany
    • Chair of Tree Physiology
    • Chair of Forest and Environmental Policy
    • Chair of Forest Biomaterials

Authorization is granted by the dean of the faculty or director of the institute in the case of business trips paid for under bookkeeping code 71 in the Faculty of Environment and Natural Resources


Business trips to be paid for with funding from external sources (e.g., German Research Foundation, Federal Ministry of Education and Research, donations) must be authorized by: 

  • the Central University Administration for all trips outside of Europe
  • the project director, when the employees (except for him or herself) will be traveling within the context of the project
  • in all other cases, the dean


Please note that trips covered by third-party funding must also be given a trip number. The approved business trip application may be sent online to rk-reisenummer@zv.uni-freiburg.de. You will recieve a business trip number promptly.

last modified Jan 22, 2021
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Only the German versions of the forms are legally binding.

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