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Means of Transportation

Rail Travel

Rail tickets should be purchased from the travel agency Schwarzwald Reisebüro Freiburg. This agency offers a 5% discount for university personnel. You can combine this discount with that of a BahnCard Business 25 or 50. You will not have to pay for the tickets up front; they will be billed to the University of Freiburg. For tickets purchased elsewhere, the University of Freiburg will withhold a fee of 5% (equals the travel agency’s university personnel discount) when reimbursing the tickets.

Please note the following:

  • Please order tickets by filling in Form P 63 and faxing it together with either the business trip authorization (Form P 80) or the travel grant application (Form P 64 or P 65). Please state on Form P 63 whether or not you have a BahnCard Business 25 or 50.
  • Please note that you may also be able to purchase a special fare such as a Sparpreis ticket or receive a discount when traveling with one or more people (Mitfahrer-Rabatte). Discounts can also be combined (see Rundschreiben Nr. 4/2003 or the Deutsche Bahn’s website at: www.bahn.de).

    The travel agency will help you find the most affordable ticket.
  • BahnCard holders can also use their rail tickets on public transportation in over 40 cities in Germany (see information about the BahnCard and City-Ticket on the Deutsche Bahn’s website at: www.bahn.de).
  • If you prefer to pick up your tickets from the travel agency yourself, you must bring the authorization for your business trip or travel grant application if you did not already fax these with your booking request. It is also necessary for you to bring your passport (or Personalausweis for German citizens). If you are sending a courier to pick up your tickets, please keep in mind that they will require a written consent from you to pick up the tickets.
  • When booking a Bahn-Tix ticket, you can pick up your tickets at an automatic ticket machine using your BahnCard and credit/EC card or order number. You can locate ticket machines that issue Bahn-Tix tickets on the Deutsche Bahn’s website at: www.bahn.de.
  • You can also order tickets using the corporate portal of the University of Freiburg. You can apply for internet authorization for this portal by contacting Mrs. Fuchs at the Travel Expenses Office (Reisekostenstelle). This authorization enables you to book tickets on the corporate portal and receive a corporate discount.

Important: When ordering tickets online with a "BahnCard Business," make sure to indicate that you have a "BahnCard Business" on the booking form "Identification for the online ticket" and the booking form "Travel profile and fast orders." Please feel free to contact the Travel Expenses Office if you have any questions on this matter.

Car Travel

You are allowed to travel with your own car only if you have sufficient reason and have received prior permission. The rate of reimbursement is currently €0.25 per kilometer. 

Air Travel

Only flights in the least expensive class of travel available are eligible for reimbursement. If discounts are available with special rates, these should be booked. Plane tickets can be booked with the travel agency Schwarzwald Reisebüro Freiburg with proof of business trip authorization (Form P 80).

Please note the following:

  • Other classes of travel should be specified (and authorized) with sufficient reason before traveling.
  • Frequent flyer miles should be collected and used only for business flights. When applying for travel expenses (Reisekosten) or removal costs (Trennungsgeld), please indicate whether you booked a flight using frequent flyer miles and would otherwise have been eligible for reimbursement.
  • For estimating daily allowances when traveling abroad, please specify the time you will be landing at your destination (or include a copy of your flight plan) and whether or not you will have a layover and, if so, for how long. Layovers of up to two hours are not eligible for reimbursement.
  • Should a longer stay at your destination be necessary in order to book a more reasonable ticket, you should note this when applying for your reimbursement at the very latest.
  • If you decide to combine a business trip with a private trip, it should not lead to higher costs for the university. Please provide price comparisons that include only the costs for the business trip, especially if you are flying. If you do not provide a price comparison, the Travel Expenses Office will reduce your reimbursement by an amount it considers appropriate.


last modified Jan 22, 2021
Forms [de/en]
  • P 61(e) - Costumer master data
  • P 62(e) - Order form train ticket
  • P 62a(e) - Order form flight ticket
  • P 62b - Bestellung BahnCard Business
  • P 80(e) - Application for approval of a business trip
  • P 875 - Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • P 63 - Bestellschein
  • P 64 - Reisebeihilfe
  • P 65 - ohne Kostenerstattung


Only the German versions of the forms are legally binding.

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