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Reimbursement for BahnCard 25 and 50

For business travel using a BahnCard, you must first purchase the BahnCard yourself. The cost of a BahnCard Business 25 or 50 can then be reimbursed either in part or in full according to the amount of savings you have obtained using the card. Partial reimbursement is generally not allowed for personal BahnCards. Reimbursement is only possible if your personal BahnCard has paid for itself and you have obtained greater savings with it than you would have with a BahnCard Business. As a rule, this is not possible with a personal BahnCard 25.

Please note the following:

  • To apply for reimbursement, please fill in Form P 81 within six months after your BahnCard has expired and send the form to the Travel Expenses Office (Reisekostenstelle). You should also enclose the copies you originally received from the Travel Expenses Office for the savings acquired (with official stamp) for the processed business trips along with your original BahnCard. Should your BahnCard still be valid and you still be using it for obtaining discounts on business travel, you can apply for reimbursement by sending in a copy of your BahnCard.
  • For reimbursement using a Swiss “Half-Fare” (or Halbtax) travel card, please use Form P 81a. These cards can only be purchased in Switzerland from the Swiss railway SBB. See SBB’s website and information for half-fare tickets at: http://www.sbb.ch/en/travelcards-and-tickets/railpasses/half-fare-travelcard.html.
last modified Jan 22, 2021
Forms [de/en]
  • P 61(e) - Costumer master data
  • P 62(e) - Order form train ticket
  • P 62a(e) - Order form flight ticket
  • P 62b - Bestellung BahnCard Business
  • P 80(e) - Application for approval of a business trip
  • P 875 - Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • P 63 - Bestellschein
  • P 64 - Reisebeihilfe
  • P 65 - ohne Kostenerstattung


Only the German versions of the forms are legally binding.

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