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Reimbursement of Travel Expenses

To file a claim for reimbursement of travel expenses, please complete page two of Form P 80 (Application for Approval of a Business Trip) with a ballpoint pen (not a pencil). Send the form along with the (original) authorization to the Travel Expenses Office at the Central Administration before the legal deadline of six months after the completion of your travel. Claims submitted later cannot be considered, and you will unfortunately not be able to receive a reimbursement.

Please note:

  • You must declare any external funding you received (e.g., for transportation costs or accommodations, any fees you have received, free room and/or board).
  • You must include the original receipts to document the costs (especially for tickets, conference participation fees, accommodation costs, taxi costs) and explain why the costs were necessary.
  • If you have received an advance payment (e.g., for tickets or conference participation fees) from your institute/department, please include a copy of the proof of payment (UK5) with enclosures with your reimbursement claim.
  • The payment order must include the accounting department, the nature of the costs, the cost center, and the HÜL no.
    Exception: For travel expenses to be reimbursed under bookkeeping code 52701, BA 6000216501, the Travel Expenses Office will issue the payment order.
  • For international trips, you must specify the date and time you crossed the border; in the case of air travel, the date and time your flight landed (please include the flight schedule). If you made any necessary stopovers, please specify the duration of the stopover. These details are important for calculating your daily allowance.


last modified Jan 22, 2021
Forms [de/en]
  • P 61(e) - Costumer master data
  • P 62(e) - Order form train ticket
  • P 62a(e) - Order form flight ticket
  • P 62b - Bestellung BahnCard Business
  • P 80(e) - Application for approval of a business trip
  • P 875 - Reimbursement of travel expenses
  • P 63 - Bestellschein
  • P 64 - Reisebeihilfe
  • P 65 - ohne Kostenerstattung


Only the German versions of the forms are legally binding.

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